SOURCE Boston 2015
May 25-28, 2015
Marriott Courtyard
Boston, MA, USA
CFP Status: OPEN
SOURCE Dublin 2015
Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland
SOURCE Seattle 2015
Bell Harbor Maritime Museum
Seattle, WA, USA
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SOURCE Conference - @SourceConf 

SOURCE Boston 2011 Bridging the Gap:
 Game Changer for Information Security, Technology and Business Conferences

James Beeson, CISO for GE Capital
Hugh Njemanze, Arcsight
Dino Dai Zovi, Trail of Bits
Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, DARPA

Boston, MA - SOURCE Boston 2011 brings security experts and business professionals together in an intimate and personal environment to discuss the security industry’s most important issues while highlighting the need to focus on bridging the gap between business and technology in the computer security industry. 

SOURCE Boston brings the technical excellence and expertise found at top hacker conferences to an intimate environment where attendees can ask questions, participate in discussions, and interact with other delegates and speakers, as well as gain insight into computer security’s most important issues, technologies, and business trends.
Attendees range from leading security researchers, advanced IT professionals, senior and top-level executives, company chief officers, faculty and students from colleges and universities, members of management and business communities who are looking to connect with security and technology experts. Conference participants can expect to leave well-informed on industry issues from both technical and business perspectives.

SOURCE is passionate about assisting and promoting the Boston security startup scene, hosting an Evening with Entrepreneurs and Security Start-up Spotlight. This reception and dinner features talks from founders who successfully have started, grown, and sold a security-related company. Our goal is to provide the audience with success stories, real-world examples, guidance and advice from people who have experienced the entire company lifecycle.

“We are very excited about our Evening with Entrepreneurs event,” said Stacy Thayer, Founder and Executive Director of SOURCE Conference. “We are featuring some great new start-ups and we have experienced entrepreneurs and company founders sharing insight and wisdom about taking a company from inception to acquisition from the founder perspective.” Speakers include Hugh Njemanze, Founder of Arcsight (acquired by HP in October 2010) and Scott Chasin, Founder of MXLogic (acquired by McAfee in 2009). 

Featured Sessions

  • On The Use of Prediction Markets in Information Security, Dan Geer, Alex Hutton, Greg Shannon
  • What The Post-PC Era Means for Enterprise Security, Andrew Jaquith, Perimeter USA
  • The Exploit Intelligence Project, Dan Guido, iSEC Partners
  • Reverse Engineering Flash Files with SWFREtools, Sebastian Porst
  • Building Bridges: Forcing Hackers and Business to "Hug it Out", Chris Nickerson, Lares Consulting & Andrew Hay, 451 Group
  • GreyHat Ruby: Ruby for Reverse Engineers, Vulnerability Researchers, and Hackers, Stephen Ridley

Penetration Test Execution Standard Session - PTES is a new standard designed to provide both businesses and security service providers with a common language and scope for performing penetration testing. This panel includes some of the founders of the standard who will discuss how the standard is built and shaped by representatives from all segments of the industry. It also includes CISO/CSO representatives who will shed light on how this standard alters or reflects their business requirements.

Info Sec Mentors Workshop - The InfoSecMentors Project is celebrating its 1 year anniversary in style at the Seaport Hotel during the SOURCE Conference proceedings in Boston, April 20-22.  Industry veterans and speakers will sit down with students to provide guidance and an evening panel will address the topic of mentoring in security and will cater to the mentor side of the relationship, and suggest tips & tricks to make a difference.

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About SOURCE Conference (
SOURCE Conference bridges the gap between technical excellence and business acumen within the security industry. SOURCE fosters a community of learning where business and security professionals come together to gain knowledge and skills, network with peers, and advance their careers and professional development. SOURCE enables individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage information to improve decision-making, optimize performance, and achieve business objectives. With thoughtful attention to detail and an emphasis on high quality and compelling content, SOURCE is committed to delivering valuable information in a high energy and fun environment.
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